ogist Lynn Fenton, who was aware of his homicidal inclinations but not available at the time of the call. In the short call, replayed Monday, Holmes said nothing, but background n.

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ice. Lake effect snow could add an additional 6 inches. The National Weather Service said that the wind reached up to 50 mph inland and 60 mph near the lake to create whiteout cond.

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aid the letter. Forty three Republican Senators of the chamber's 47 GOP members held that the only possible justification for a 2.4 trillion dollars increase in borrowing authority.

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e festival, many Kansas City residents who participated were pleasantly surprised to see just how much diversity there was within the city. "I had no idea," said Carlos Castillo, .

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nset comes earlier, causing an increase in the demand of electricity. "With the application of the normal hour, there will be a greater use of artificial light," the state-run Nat.

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Dec. 11. His health has been the subject of intense media coverage, since he is scheduled to be sworn in to a third six-year term on Jan. 10. Related: Chavez's health remains "de .

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's Prime Minister Bainimara confirmed on Monday that "It is reassuring that McGann is currently in talks with Washington and briefing them on the issues that the Fiji government .

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liament's Executive Secretary Humberto Pelaez said the CELAC, to be officially founded at a summit of participating countries in Venezuela on July 5-6, will be another important .

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ountering the threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the White House said. Iraqi President Fuad Masoum on Monday asked Abadi, deputy speaker of the Parliament, .

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