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dent claimed interest in just and fair relations; they wrote letters and sent messages... saying they are willing to normalize relations with the Islamic Republic, but in practic


sition in early 2011 as agreed on at the NATO Summit in Lisbon and the importance of increasing regional support for Afghanistan," the White House said. Leaders of NATO member sta.


rule to prevent public criticism of staffing conditions at the hospital. In Minnesota, 12,000 registered nurses held a one-day strike last week to emphasize the need for improved.


re released into the Gulf of Mexico after 11 crew members were killed by the blast on the deep-sea rig. Though the undersea gusher was killed in September, the spill has caused tr.


rgoing surgery for the second time in February, preferring to communicate with supporters via Twitter and occasional phone calls broadcast by state-run television and radio. His a.

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ess leaders to strength economic ties with ASEAN and seek future economic cooperation between the U.S. and ASEAN," it said. U.S. businesspeople have begun to look into ASEAN busin.

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k agreement, especially the extension of tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, had sparked criticism from some congressional Democratic leaders over the past days, who believed t.

Brazilian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday The Paris-based OIE has said several times the risk of mad cow disease in Brazil is at a "negligible" level, since a case of bovine spongifor.

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