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seizure of the frigate ... and to obligate the country to compensate Argentina for the damage caused by the illegal move," said the minister. Argentine President Cristina Fernande

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of such a pledge on Aug. 6 in front of about 24 million TV viewers during the first Republican presidential primary debate. For the Republican National Committee (RNC), which sent

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mbrace al Qaeda's cause. Bail was not requested, and the prosecutors said they expected the trial to last three weeks, although no starting date has been announced. WASHINGTON, Jan

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olitical, economic and social reforms. As a close U.S. ally, Egypt is the second largest recipient of U.S. aid in the region after Israel, which stood at some 1.5 billion dollars

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d development to address, as a news release from the Prime Minister' s Office explained, "knowledge gaps and bring technologies from the conceptual stage to the ready-to-be-teste

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ia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a complaint note to Caracas Sunday about the alleged violation of its airspace. The Venezuelan government responded that those airplanes were

重生成水门的通灵兽 -1111op最新资源

ing below the level of dignity," he told local leading newspaper El Pais ahead of his imminent state visit to Spain. "It also generates problems surrounding the development of soci